October 22

What is more effective? Mass Rallies or Local Action?


In normal times, Mass Demonstrations can be very effective. A large and noisy crowd will make an impact not only on the people who witness it but also on those who see and read about it in the news.

It used to be the case that a rally in London of 10,000 or more would be sure to hit the mainstream news. In which case it would reach an audience of about 70 million UK citizens. So for every participant in the rally there is the possibility of reaching 7,000 other people. Very effective.

But the Globalist cartel which has taken control and dictates policies to Governments around the world including our own UK Government know how effective Mass Rallies can be. So, when they were planning the Great Reset, they knew they had to reduce the impact of the Mass Demonstrations that inevitably would occur, and indeed, have occurred.

Part of their planning was to infiltrate and capture nearly every media corporation in the West in order to flood the media channels with their propaganda. They now have control over the media and the internet. As well as using this control for propaganda purposes, they also use it to ensure there are media “blackouts” whenever there is a large demonstration against any aspect of their agenda.

So, now, Mass demonstrations do not reach the massive audience that they used to. So their effectiveness is considerably reduced. Instead of reaching the whole population, they only make an impact with the by-standers watching. So 10,000+ people spend a day travelling to London to make an impact on maybe 20,000 or 30,000 people who actually see it. That is an average of reaching 2-3 people for every participant in the rally. Hopeless.

Without Media Coverage, Mass Demonstrations are very ineffective.

Suppose I decide, one day, to make some leaflets and spend an hour or two handing them out and talking to people in my local shopping centre. In that 2 hours I will give out at least 100 leaflets and for every leaflet that I give out, probably at least 4 or 5 are refused. It doesn’t matter whether people take the leaflets or not. The people who refuse the leaflets are like the people who watch a demonstration but disagree with it. Although they might disagree with it, nevertheless the sight of people protesting has an impact on them. So in just spending 2 hours without having to pay to travel into the Centre of London or some other big city I approach at least 4-500 people. If I include the passers-by who see me but I don’t get a chance to offer them a leaflet because I am busy with someone else, there are probably at least 2 of them for every person I approach, so I am reaching 1,200 to 1,500 people. I regard this as very effective. It’s maybe not as effective as participating in a Mass Rally when the media are going to broadcast it far and wide, but it’s far more effective than going to that same Mass Rally knowing that the Globalist-controlled media are going to give it no coverage at all.

So, in conclusion, because of the controlled media, Local action is not just far more effective than attending Mass Rallies it is at least 400X more effective. Imagine if 10,000 of the people who went to one of the big London Demos recently had instead handed out leaflets in their local areas. They could have made an impression on 12 million people. In less time, and at less personal expense. If we really want to stop the Globalists from imposing the Orwellian Nightmare upon us we had better start using our weapons to their best effect. We need to start getting out on the streets and acting locally to by-pass the Media and Internet censorship.

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Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is an ordinary man whose life has been turned upside down by the totalitarianism that has now become all-pervasive. When he realised that the measures being introduced allegedly to deal with a deadly virus were actually an attack on ordinary people and our way of life, Paul decided not to cooperate. Recognising that the wearing of masks was a device to spread fear, Paul refused to wear them at work and lost his job. Tensions arose in his marriage because of his refusal to comply and his opposition to Mandatory Vaccinations and Vax Passports. Eventually his wife asked him to leave their marital home. Now staying with his elderly father, Paul has dedicated himself to opposing the totalitarian takeover. Some months ago, he started going out on the street with his self-designed leaflets to talk to people and show opposition. His experiences on the streets have inspired the articles he writes.


Thank you for reading my article. I am dedicated full time to opposing the Globalist Takeover. All of my articles are based on experience as I spend many hours each week handing out leaflets and talking to people on the streets of the UK. If you would like to help me, please can you make a donation to support my work:

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